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Who Is Deborah Clarke?
Author, Casual Millionaire, Awesome ...
Deborah Has Returned To Her Entrepreneurial Roots In Her Post-Corporate "Retirement" (Scratch That) "Casual Millionaire" Years.  

Since 2014 Deborah has traveled across the country to coach with some of the top money-making coaches online. She now has Digital Products (eBooks, Paperback Non-Fiction Books, University & College Level Online Career Programs); plus eCommerce Product Sites under her belt.   Earning income while she sleeps is a major milestone for Deborah.  She LOVES hearing about and sharing success stories of other authors and digital entrepreneurs.  Life after working 30 years in the corporate world, should be flexible, without time commitments, without a tie to any one geographic location ... and without socks whenever possible! LOL    

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       Students & Graduates
19 - 25 years
Life & Careers In Business - What's Next Graduate?
A career launch program for university and college students or recent graduates. Figure out what you should be doing and how it can be authentic to 'who you are', after graduation in this 30 day online career coaching program.

Life Skills Planning
25 - 50 years
Live Your Dream is to 'life skills planning' as the Wealthy Barber is to 'financial planning'. Amazon Review, Dec 2016.

Live Your Dream is a workshop in a book! Now Available FREE in Paperback (just pay S&H so we can mail it to you).
Casual Millionaire
"Pre & Post-Retirement 50+"
Are you ready for your next 25 years? 
Think about everything you have accomplished in the last 25 years. 
Deborah's DIGITAL DIGEST  is for Authors and Digital Entrepreneurs 
who are seeking that "Casual Millionaire" lifestyle.  Identify what you need to focus on in 2017. [Get it free as a PDF with your first email from Digital Digest]  
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